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Mar 21 - Kindergarten Registration Begins March 21st 7:00 p.m.

St. Mary kindergarten provides a wonderful experience for our little learners in a nuturing and caring environment.  We...

Mar 12 - Jasper Three Day Trip - Best Trip Ever!

We took 44 Jr. High Students for some winter fun!  The trip was amazing!  Best Jr. High ever!

Mar 1 - GPCSD Good News: March 2017 Edition

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Feb 21 - Grade 3 to 6 Skiing at Nitehawk

Our Grade 3 to 6 classes will head to Nitehawk February 21st for a great day of skiing!

Feb 16 - Ignite the Light: St. Joseph Parish Mission

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Jan 19 - Breakfast is served!

St. Mary students can now have breakfast...toast, bagels, cereal and juice are available each morning for $1.00.

Jan 19 - Meet "The Incredibles" - Students for Social Justice

Our incredible Jr. High students make blankets for the homeless and started serving breakfast at our school.  They are...

Jan 19 - Next Game...Feb 2nd!

St. Crusaders played Elmworth Eagels in close scoring games!  Thursday sees the Crusaders take on Hythe Panthers for ou...

Jan 3 - Drama Club - January is off to a great start!

St. Mary is pleased to offer lunch time drama!  Students in grade 4 and up are invited to join Miss O'Connell and Mrs....

Jan 3 - Art Club for Grade 4, 5, and 6

Mrs. Teasdale, professional artist and kindergarten teacher, is excited to offer an art club for students in grade 4, 5,...

Jan 7 - Facebook Page

St. Mary Beaverlodge now has its own Facebook page where we will be posting pictures and providing updates about everyth...